Laser Surveying 

M.Arch Architects and our affiliates have focussed with laser pinpoint precision improving the process of field measuring buildings.  Our work isolates errors often occurring in traditional hand and tape field measuring.  Instead our means and methods are highly accurate and are produced in fractions of the time traditional methods are produced.  This is because we perform digital laser scans pre and post construction directly in the field from on site laser measuring tools that draw directly into CAD. Each one of our surveying total stations comes with trained staff who produce CAD, and Point Cloud Laser Scans straight from the field. Our fee is typically based on daily rates of equipment and technical labor.  You recieve timely accurate CAD or BIM documents.  Our BIM processes have proven greater control of construction means and methods and particularly in the field measurement stage reduces redundancy save the time and money.  We eliminate inefficiancies such as multiple trips to the field for the purpose of re-measuring, wasted professional re-design hours resulting from inaccurate field measurements, and reduction of transportation wasted materials at the construction site.  It is estimated that the construction industry loses billions yearly resulting from the lack of interopolability.  This is in large part due to inefficiencies in field measurement.  Our 2D and 3D models will capture the physical space of your project with precision and accuracy.