M.Arch Architects and IBM Smarter Cities collaborate on BigApps 2014 Competition Entry

M.Arch Architects, IBM Smarter Cities and BetaNYC are teaming up for the upcoming BigApps 2014 competition! This collaborative group of architects, urban planners, and programmers are developing an API plugin for M.Arch Arch's application software, Zoner, that will increase the feasibility tool's already growing data set.

Zoner is Digital Zoning Ordinance Optimization software that delivers real estate feasibility fast with clarity. Zoner removes uncertainty of complex regulation, and improves the decision making process of real estate planning, and investment. Continual improvements to Zoner slate this application to be one of the top architectural feasibility tools of its kind. Test Zoner at the link below:


IBM Smarter Cities is an initiative created by IBM to promote sustainable applications of information data and technology that assist urban environments to grow in all aspects. See the link below for more information:


BigApps empowers the sharpest minds in tech, design, and business to solve NYC's toughest challenges. They've asked the City's leading civic thinkers and doers how technology could make New York City a better place to LIVE, WORK, LEARN, or PLAY. M.Arch Arch and it's collaborative partners look to create a standout application this year that will truly impact New Yorkers and their collective role as part of this upcoming "Smarter City".


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