M.Arch Architects introduces Zoner to 40 NYC Business Improvement Districts at Grand Central Tech

M.Arch Architects engages 40 New York City business improvement districts with practical solutions for improving economic activity and vibrance of NYC neighborhoods.

M.Arch Architects shared their experience building the technology behind Zoner.city that empowers communities and their citizens with understanding the existing and allowable uses of each building in their district.

Zoner technology delivers 3D models, plans, sections, elevations, or what is buildings are and what they can be of every building in NYC. This 3D urban map is supplemented with direct understanding the civic relationships of building bulk, uses, bonuses and pricing assocatied with a real estate decision making process.

Reactions from the majority of business improvement districts was outstanding and M.Arch Architects is now directly engaged with assisting several BIDs with Zoner's technology.