Feasibility Studies

Determining if a property is a viable building site for your project is a vital first step. In New York and many jurisdictions the site's zoning and land use restrictions are the first step. We have excelled in this process and patterned a revolutionary method that is a nationally recognized application; Zoner.

Once the basic envelope is determined either through Zoner or more scrutenized zoning analysis studies we itemize a list of critical issues specific to the site such as, views, access issues and the effects of site conditions on building costs. The best time to determine the suitability of a piece of land is before you purchase it and our expertise can help you make the best purchase decision.

A feasibility study is that important pre-design activity that should be initiated, when there are various levels of uncertainty regarding the successful implementation of a project. The feasibility study helps answer critical questions arising early at projfect inception. Questions such as: Will the site and allow the construction of the proposed building? Is the proposed use of the site meet the use restrictions of the zoning codes? Does the proposed facility match a community need? Could there be community opposition to the project? Is the project economically viable? Etc.

Simply put, a feasibility study shall be undertaken whenever there are doubts that a given project can be successful or as a preventive measure, and can be used to predict any possible hindrances to the project.



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