Letters of No Objection 

A letter of no objection is issued by the DOB to confirm that the continued use of a building is not objectionable. If your building was built prior to 1938 it most likely does not have a C of O.

If you require proof of the legal use of a building that does not have a Certificate of Occupancy, you must obtain a "Letter of No Objection" from the Department of Buildings' borough office where the property is located.

The letter of no objection basically means that the building is in conformance with its long standing use or in some conditions that the building's use is consistent with uses occupying neighboring buildings.

M.Arch Architects offers same day application filing depending on your project. We typically can deliver answers from the Department of Buildings within 5 days of filing again depending on the project. Our process involves a deep research into your property to verify the building use meets your project objectives. If perchance we find the feasibility of your project will present difficult challenges, we professionally inform you as to expected hardships and project gains.