Schematic and Conceptual Design

M.Arch Architects is a full service architectural firm work is skilled in all phases of design and construction.  We adroitly transform your project goals into working drawings that integrates all structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems engineering into an ultimate design for your project.  Regardless of project complexity our advanced style of communicating integrates over twenty years of design and construction experience with expert skills of visualization and construction management.  Our management style employs fine tuned processes, technology, and people unifying your design and project goals to multiple lines of communication within your overall project; achieving permits, fundraising, systems engineering, component fabrication, construction staging, construction scheduling. 

Our services include: zoning compliance analysis, building code compliance, owner represenation, we make presentations in the form of schematic design, design development, construction documents, all regulatory permitting and approvals. In the construction administration phase we deliver laser scanning to BIM, 3D visulization and renderings, 4D construction scheduling, 5D cost estimation, construction site safety design, legal visulaization and animations, public assembly permits, signoffs, certificates of correction, and final certifcate of occupancy.