Zoner is our online feasibility tool that will deliver the maximum bulk of any city lot within the boroughs of New York City.  Zoner makes your project easy to understand visually in our 3D tools as well as the calculation of all the parameters involved with the envelope of your project. 

ZONER (Zoning Software) IS LIVE!

Step right up see your building climb and design or real estate sales soar like a state fair hammer and bell contest - Test your knowledge of NYC Zoning!


Are you contemplating buying a building for development?  Do you need to understand the possibilities of your site and make a feasibility study?  Do you want a hassle free solution to knowing your all the parameters to estimate the feasibility of your project? 

You have come to the right place.  ZONER makes your feasy easy!  

Simply login to ZONER and input only 4 parameters >lot length >lot width >lot zoning >ceiling heightSave & Close

>calculate and WHOLLA

total allowable floor areas, set backs, and building heights, and more!

ZONER is simple, fast, and accurate.  Try any one of our membership options to serve you specific needs as a home owner, developer, broker, or interested community member.